Primary Industries

Our Primary Industries team offers years of experience and the understanding that this expansive area of business requires a skilled team at your back so that you can the lead the way in your success.

Our service

You can approach us with the confidence that we can efficiently and effectively support you with:

  • Rural Conveyancing & Finance
  • Succession & Estate planning
  • Trust Structures
  • Asset Protection
  • Relationship Property issues
  • Court representation & mediation
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employer/Employee disputes
  • Health & Safety compliance
  • Estate Administration
  • Advice on restructuring
  • Corporate & Commercial matters
  • Business structuring
  • Forestry Agreements

Whole team approach

Our ‘Whole Team’ approach means that you will receive expert levels of knowledge and support no matter what your needs and requirements may be.

We work closely with our teams in Employment Law, Environment and Resource Management Law and Family Law.

Our people

Find out about the members of our Primary Industries team:

  • John Flaus

    John Flaus


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  • Sarah McKenzie

    Sarah McKenzie


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  • Gareth Davis

    Gareth Davis


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  • Rebecca McLeod

    Rebecca McLeod


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  • Janese Priergaard-Petersen

    Janese Priergaard-Petersen

    Senior Associate

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  • Anna Elder

    Anna Elder

    Senior Associate

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  • Ashleigh Edwards

    Ashleigh Edwards

    Registered Legal Executive

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  • Helen Howard

    Helen Howard

    Registered Legal Executive

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  • Julia Hunt

    Julia Hunt

    Registered Legal Executive

    Phone: 03 211 0912

    Email: Julia Hunt

  • Kelli Johnson

    Kelli Johnson

    Legal Executive

    Phone: 03 211 1398

    Email: Kelli Johnson

  • Lisa Maloney

    Lisa Maloney

    Registered Legal Executive

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  • Henry Muskee

    Henry Muskee

    Law Clerk

    Phone: 03 211 2198

    Email: Henry Muskee

  • Vicki McDonald

    Vicki McDonald

    Law Clerk

    Phone: 03 206 2003

    Email: Vicki McDonald

  • Anne Snodgrass

    Anne Snodgrass

    Personal Assistant

    Phone: 03 211 0921

    Email: Anne Snodgrass