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Disability and Employment

16 March 2021

Disability is one of the prohibited grounds of discrimination provided in the Human Rights Act. This means it is unlawful to refuse to hire someone, or to offer them less favourable terms of employment, purely because they are living with a disability – either physical or psychological.


New restraints for Landlords

29 January 2021

The New Zealand rental market is in hot demand with many renters experiencing issues in securing a rental property, as they are competing with home buyers in a property market where house price show no signs of slowing.

There are a number of changes to the Residential Tenancies Act taking effect from February 2021 with more restraints placed on a Landlords. Here are the key changes.


Hey Santa - my toy is broken!

10 December 2020

It’s Christmas day – the most wonderful time of the year. You look under the tree and see that Santa has done it – he’s left the toy you’ve been longing for all year! But you open the box only to discover that it is broken.