Articles: Employment Law

Disability and Employment

16 March 2021

Disability is one of the prohibited grounds of discrimination provided in the Human Rights Act. This means it is unlawful to refuse to hire someone, or to offer them less favourable terms of employment, purely because they are living with a disability – either physical or psychological.


Post-Election Employment Law Changes

24 November 2020

Significant changes to employment law are on the horizon following Labour’s election victory. These proposed changes are detailed in its Workplace Relations and Safety Manifesto policies. Employers need to ensure that they keep on top of what these changes mean for them.


Personal Liability Risk

14 October 2020

A recent case heard by the Employment Relations Authority serves as a reminder that individuals, officers of companies and partnerships (including anyone who is able to exercise significant influence over the management or administration of these entities) can be held personally liable if the business breaches minimum employment law standards. e.g. fails to pay wages, holiday pay etc.