Articles: Family Law

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

28 October 2020

As a general rule the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 states that when relationship property is divided, each party shares equally (i.e. 50/50) in the family home, family chattels, and any other ‘relationship property’.


Family Services - Have Your Say

8 October 2018

As part of the Government’s wider commitment to ensuring New Zealand courts became modern, accessible and responsive to children and vulnerable people, the family justice system was radically reformed in 2014. The intent of the reforms was aimed at the Family Court being used as a last resort for the most serious and complex cases, with other disputes involving the new Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) service (an independent mediation service). Disputes involving the risk of violence were intended to be fast-tracked and without notice to the other party utilising family lawyers. In this article, we focus on a couple of areas of interest regarding FDR.


What is a Legal Executive?

23 August 2017

A Legal Executive is a person who works as a trained assistant to a lawyer in a legal environment and belongs to the New Zealand Institute of Legal Executives. A Registered Legal Executive is one who is registered with the Institute and is a member of the Institute.