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Covid-19: Immigration (Covid-19 Response) Amendment Bill 2020

7 May 2020

The current Immigration Act 2009 only has three provisions relating to emergencies. This is inadequate to deal with the current Covid-19 emergency. A new piece of legislation is being rushed through parliament to respond to visa issues that have arisen due to Covid-19.

There are currently 350,000 temporary visa holders in New Zealand.


Covid-19: Immigration Issues

2 April 2020

The closure of New Zealand borders means the tourism industry, and in particular Queenstown, has been hit hard.

Tourists are no longer allowed to enter New Zealand’s borders. Lack of tourists means lack of work, and tourists who are already here on a working visa are facing job losses.


Proposed Changes to Temporary Work Visas

6 March 2019

On 18 December 2018, the Government announced a set of proposed changes to the employer-assisted temporary work visa settings for consultation. The consultation process will close on 18 March 2019.


Employer role increasing in Visa applications

7 May 2018

The days where employers could leave it up to their migrant workers to obtain the appropriate visa from Immigration New Zealand (“INZ”) have ended. Consequences for employers who get it wrong includes losing the ability to hire migrant workers altogether. Below are some common issues we see.


Good Faith Obligations for Employers

22 March 2018

When we act for an employee in a dispute we quite often hear the employer say that they have lost “trust and confidence” in that employee to carry out their job as required.

The opposite can be true, where an employee may say that they have “lost trust and confidence” in an employer to say, keep them safe in the workplace.